Real/Grace Moments

Real/Grace Moments


  • The Baby grabs your coffee off the table and onto your lap.
  • You make oatmeal for dinner.
  • You buy a Costco pack of paper plates to combat the mass of unwashed dishes cluttering the kitchen. After a week of using paper plates you admit it’s pretty cool…
  • The alarm bleeps in your ear. You are faced with two options: sleeping another 10 minutes or getting up to exercise. Bwahahahaha!!
  • The three year old asks to help setting the table. You hand her the pizza cutter with a caution that it’s a little sharp. She grabs it, turns heel and races into the next room screaming, “watch out! It’s SHARP!”
  • The cool thing about being eternally sleep-deprived is that you can drink caffeine any time to the day and still fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow.
  • Gathering the kids for a group Bible story is sometimes like trying to rake leaves while the wind is blowing.
  • When you ask the kids to describe what you just read, they stare blankly for a moment then start spouting appropriate-sounding answers like, “God?” “Jesus?”


  • God is good. The only reason for grace throughout the day.
  • Friendship is a gift. Friendship that is tested with fire and revives stronger is priceless.
  • Your husband takes two whole days at home so you can attend the church’s women’s retreat.
  • You overhear one of your children encouraging another with a verse from the Bible.
  • No matter how empty the fridge appears, with a little imagination there always seems to be something you can make!
  • Some books are like old friends. You share one such book with your kids and delight to find them as captivated by it as you were.
  • A simple school lesson sparks a question in the children which turns into an opportunity to dive deeper into the subject which ignites a fire in their souls.
  • At the end of the day, it’s not about doing it all, it’s about being faithful to just do the next thing.

What were some of your Real/Grace moments this week?



2 thoughts on “Real/Grace Moments

  1. Real – My 11 year old is crushed because I won’t let him use ‘kinda’ in his IEW paper. The 4 year old is in tears because she can’t find ‘Ducky.’ The 8 year old is hiding in his room in the hopes that I will be too busy with the other two to start his work. The laundry pile(s) keeps growing…sigh.

    Grace – The 11 year old cleaned his birds’ cage first thing this morning without being asked, and also found ‘Ducky.’ The 4 year old started her schoolwork on her own. The 8 year old did an awesome job of entertaining himself during brother’s writing w/mom time. The laundry is very patiently waiting on me to get to it! 😉

    BTW, oatmeal for dinner = genius! I’ll have to remember that one!! Thanks for sharing your insights and reminding me that other families are as perfectly imperfect as ours! 🙂

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