Real/Grace Moments

Real/Grace Moments

“By the grace of God I am what I am…”


  • Your brain is serenaded 24/7 by the strains of the latest favorite animated movie soundtrack.
  • There’s a sticky spot on the table in which you keep setting your book or your hand.
  • Why even bother wearing socks in the house; there are puddles EVERYWHERE.
  • The undone laundry is the towel load. That night, two children throw up…and there are NO towels.
  • Nice weather keeps the kids outside for hours…and hours…even though there is still work they need to do, it’s ok if they don’t come inside quite yet…
  • Motivation strikes: it’s work-out time! Barely a minute in, the toddler decides to literally drape herself over you as you attempt a floor routine.
  • A child spills her smoothie into the shag rug. Just to prove how dumb you are, you clean up the mess then give her more smoothie which she immediately spills again in the same spot.
  • All the matching socks are on a walk-about. There’s nothing for it but to wear mismatching socks and YOU DON’T CARE.



  • A friend brings you dinner when your husband is out of town.
  • Friends volunteer to watch your herd so you can run errands and get a coffee ALONE.
  • You get to experience real love and support from your church family.
  • Optimism: mountains of laundry equals a well-provided for family with lots of little people to love.
  • Your oldest says, “hey mom, I can watch the smaller kids so you can have some quiet time.”
  • Your kids are sick but still a friend offers to come help out even though she might catch it!
  • Once in a while, your big children still want to snuggle.
  • Remembering Ephesians 2:8-9.


What were some of your Real/Grace moments this week?



One thought on “Real/Grace Moments

  1. Real Grace Moments:

    You receive YET ANOTHER book about health from Amazon & your husband brings it home cheerfully with no comment!

    When he arrives home, you are in the middle of YET ANOTHER Youtube video about vaccines, and he doesn’t tease, or belittle the speaker. That is a very sweet thing. 🙂

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