Real/Grace Moments

Real/Grace Moments


  • Those squeeze fruit pouches for babies: love them and hate them. Especially after your foot unknowingly finds a half finished one on the floor. They sure can shoot.
  • Kids’ toothpaste seems to be getting low. You find out your son has been trying it out as hair-gel.
  • The small humans down their food like industrial vacuum cleaners and dash away from the table insisting they are “stuffed”. Mom: “Are you SURE?” Kids: “Yes! Yes!” Mom: “You’re going to tell me you’re hungry in like 10 minutes…” Kids: “Nuh-uh! We’re SO FULL!” Ten minutes later: “Moooooom…what can we have to eat?”
  • You’re in a meal-planning slump so you browse through your pinterest pages. “Oh we haven’t done this one in a LONG time! I’ll make that one,” you say as you find something that looks appealing. Note to self: DELETE those old pins you’ve tried; there was a reason you hadn’t made that meal in so long!
  • Spring has arrived! The moment you construct that new raised bed one of your cats be like “oh, how thoughtful of the human to give me such a large new toilet.”


  • Glad you put down your phone when the kids yell “mom! Watch me!”
  • The sight of a small child still unfolding from sleep: love that she still trails around her favorite blanket. Curr-click. Heart-photo to remember.
  • Giving in and letting the toddler help with dinner because she really wants to just spend time with you.
  • Glancing out the window to see a big brother cheering a little sister as she balances on her bike.
  • God’s gentle reminder that in the middle of my worry-storm of every little thing I want to accomplish and everything I want to teach my kids falls short of just knowing Him. It’s not that complicated.

What were some of your Real/Grace moments this week?

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