Real/Grace Moments

Real/Grace Moments


Those squeeze fruit pouches for babies: love them and hate them; especially after your foot unknowingly finds a half finished one on the floor.

Kids’ toothpaste seems to be getting low. You find out your son wanted to try it out as hair gel.

Kids down their food like industrial vacuum cleaners and dash away from the table insisting they are “stuffed”. Mom: “Are you SURE?” Kids: “Yes! Yes!” Mom: “You’re going to be hungry in 10 minutes…” Kids: “Nuh-uh! We’re SO FULL!” Ten minutes later: “Moooooom…what can we have to eat?”

You’re in a meal-planning slump so you browse through your old pinterest food pins. “Oh we haven’t done this one in a LONG time! I’ll make that one,” you say as you find something that looks appealing. Note to self: make notes or DELETE those pins you’ve tried; there was a reason you hadn’t made that meal in so long!

Spring has arrived! The moment you construct that new raised bed you’ve been planning one your outdoor cats be like “oh, how thoughtful of the human to give me such a large new toilet.”

You find a cereal bowl and spoon in the trash can. It’s not broken; someone just wasn’t thinking and threw it away. As you’re about to holler to the kids, “ok! Who threw a bowl away?” you recollect it may have been you as you cleaned the kitchen last night in a semi-zombie state.

Sunshine is glorious but now you can see the million sticky handprints on the windows.

Small socks clogging the drum in the washing machine.


Glad you put down your phone when the kids yell “mom! Watch me!”

The sight of a small child still unfolding from sleep. Love that she still trails around her blanket. Curr-click. Heart photo to remember.

Giving in and letting the toddler help with dinner because they really want to just spend time with you.

Glancing out the window to see a big brother cheering a little sister as she balances on her bike.

Seeing your children delight in being around each other.

A repentant heart in a child and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Friends who message you to say, “I prayed for you!”

God’s gentle reminder in the middle of my worry-storm of everything little thing I want to accomplish and everything thing I want to teach my kids that all I really need is to know Him and out of that will flow all He has called me to do.


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