About Me

About Me


Hello! I’m Elizabeth or Liz. My heart belongs to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m the wife of a wonderful and godly man, and the mother of six energetic, beautiful children. Our home overlooks the water in Southeast Alaska.

Since the birth of our first child in 2007, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. Having both come from homes where our mothers gave of themselves to quit working full-time so they could raise and homeschool their children, my husband and I committed before having children to do the same. I would be kidding if I said it’s all been exactly as I envisioned it being when I reached this season of life.

For starters, I never dreamed I’d have six children. I also imagined managing a home and homeschooling would just come naturally; I loved it and thrived in it, so of course it would be exactly the same for my kids, right?

I’m often told I have my hands full. Trust me, I know. It isn’t easy. I often feel like I’m failing at it too.

But my heart is full as well. I never knew there would be so much room in it for the love and genuine joy that I receive from living the life that I’ve been called to live.

Every day is a growing process. Every day is an opportunity to learn and understand how my Heavenly Father loves me and how I can model that for the children He has given me.